The Market, IP and Scientific Analysis

The State-of-The-Art Analysis

Thanks to this stage, you gain full knowledge about a given domain in the field of intellectual property (hereinafter referred to as IP). First of all, you know which way to run a research and development project, so its development would be the most profitable, and secondly, which directions is better to quit, due to the strong activity of the competition. The report from this stage, in addition to the information mentioned, contains data on companies to which patents have been granted, the total number of research carried out, information on regionality and the date of the patent and the opinion of the report's author.

  • Analysis of patents, applications or other IP documents related to the research and development domain of the customer.
  • Detailed analysis of each of the patents (or other IP documents) related to the research and development domain (date of filing, expiration date, key provisions revealing the objections of a given subject of protection, legal actions, etc.).
  • Conducting analysis of companies or technology (commercial) related to IP documents.
  • Analysis of competitive entities or commercially available technologies.
  • Creating opinions on the similarity and complexity of the indicated areas of research and development for each IP document.
  • Creating a professional opinion on the state of the IP domain in relation to the field of research and development indicated by the client.

IP analysis for products under development or already developed

At this stage, we identify patents that have signs of identity in comparison to the developed (or under development) product, thanks to which the patent process can be much less complicated. In the case when the patent application has been submitted, we conduct monitoring in order to identify those applications that may violate them.

  • Comparison of existing (or under development) products and their IP ranges.
  • Constant monitoring of a given IP range.


The effect of work in the area of trademark accessibility analysis is a report that clearly defines whether there is a conflict between the given elements of visual identification.

  • Analysis of trademark availability.
  • Trademark report (for example on conflicting with other trademarks).

Review of the scientific field

During the analysis of a given domain of science, you receive specific information about how its development proceeds based on published research. The result of the work is a report indicating the connection between scientific progress and IP or marketing analyzes.

The review is conducted in relation to:

  • conducted research in the field of marketing or IP


  • client's research and development domain.

Review of clinical trials

Thanks to detailed analyses of clinical trial reports you get knowledge about the type and number of clinical trials conducted in a given field. The resulting report combines it with the IP of the given scope and marketing research.

The review is conducted in relation to:

  • IP and / or marketing research


  • client's research and development domain.

Competition analysis

Our competition research gives you a full picture of how the company works. Thanks to our reports, you gain strategic knowledge that allows you to make better business choices than before. As part of the generated report, you receive financial information about the company and the opinion of the author on the analysis.

The report contains information such as:

  • products of a given company,
  • developed technologies, patents (or IP documents) and related technologies,
  • customer portfolio,
  • partners, co-owners, cooperating companies and investors,
  • financial situation,
  • competition,
  • organisational structure,
  • list of research units or governmental organizations with which the company has established cooperation.

Legal Services

Legal consultation:

We provide explanation of the law in a meaningful and understandable way. Our support aims to safeguard the entrepreneur's interest, recognize and reduce the risk of legal problems and save time.

We provide:

  • consultations in the field of copyright and industrial property law,
  • help in recognizing what legal protection a given project requires,
  • consultations regarding the commercialization of a given project,
  • consultations on the identification and protection methods of business secrets,
  • advice on: choosing the type of company most suitable for the planned activity. Establishment of companies and their branches, division, transformation and merger or liquidation of companies,
  • legal advice on the creation of employment structures from the establishment of an employment relationship to its dissolution

Preparation of legal opinions:

Depending on the issues indicated by the client, we prepare individual legal opinions. Using our knowledge and many years of experience, we are able to professionally assess the situation and identify possible solutions, all in the form of a unified document.

We prepare legal opinions in the following areas:

  • commercialization of a given project,
  • intellectual property rights,
  • civil law, commercial companies law and labor law.

Preparation of contracts:

The implementation of innovative projects requires comprehensive regulation of the rights created and transferred - both copyrights and industrial property rights. We will help in the construction of appropriate contracts for the acquisition of rights, together we will develop the required documents. We provide support in the process of obtaining legal protection of inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks - in Poland and abroad. We also prepare agreements on the confidentiality of information, distribution and marketing.

We offer:

  • development of contracts for the acquisition and assignment of copyrights and industrial property rights,
  • preparation of license agreements,
  • preparation of confidentiality agreements, other contracts and documents regarding the confidentiality of information,
  • preparation of distribution and marketing agreements (consultancy during wholesale and retail distribution)

Full or selective outsourcing

You will gain proven know-how, there is no need for an internal legal department, and there is no need to devote your own time to analyzing the applicable law. The service allows you to identify and reduce the risk of legal problems, implement good practices to protect the interest of the entrepreneur and learn current legal opinions of the situation with the indication of optimal solutions.

We provide:

  • ongoing corporate services, including the creation of internal documents (regulations, instructions for conduct) and agreements regulating activities that limit the risks associated with the ongoing operations of the company.

Corporate Audit

We offer an overview and an in-depth analysis of the applicable procedures. The audit includes the development of recommendations and proposed changes to the indicated organizational documents, in order to better protect the entrepreneur's interest and clear, simple regulation of the standards in force at the workplace. We check the correctness of internal documentation functioning in the audited company and help in making improvements.

We provide:

  • review of applicable internal procedures and regulations,
  • preparation of recommendations.

Marketing Evaluation

Assessment of market opportunities for a brand, goods or services

If you are wondering whether the idea will work, it is necessary to assess market opportunities. Our analysis consists in developing the characteristics of business environment elements, including a description of buyers' behavior, competition and analysis of the market environment - macro-environment, development trends, dynamics, size and market potential. It is necessary to find cause-and-effect relations regarding the mechanisms and situations taking place on a given market, eg reasons for sales fluctuations, changes in consumption habits. We will analyze the marketing resources of the company, such as staff, market share, the attractiveness of the offer, the price strategy, distribution systems, and promotional activities. In addition, we will show you the development opportunities and provide you with innovative ideas regarding new products, technologies, marketing forecasts and promotion strategies.

We offer:

  • company resources analysis,
  • analysis of the development potential of the B2B and B2C market,
  • determination of new development directions,
  • and an indication of competitive advantage points.

The customer science analysis which includes building a distinctive customer profile and maximizing the value of the offer

Our task is to create a picture of the entire customer's ecosystem: its emotions, motivations, experiences, and alternative solutions. Using a variety of criteria, including socio-demographic, psychographic, psychological, cultural, financial or geographical, and expectations diagnosis, we are able to create a customer profile. It is important to compare the target group with the mission and company values, verify the profitability of the target group and assess the organization's ability to respond to customer expectations. Based on the conclusions, we will create recommendations regarding the integration of the offer with the target group, including product matching, advertising channels, language, communication style and distribution channels.

CX Research

Our research and analysis are focused on multi-channel consumer experiences. The key task is to create a Client and an in-depth diagnosis of customer expectations. The next step is to define user goals and examine the organization's ability to respond to customer expectations. Summing up the conclusions of research with hypotheses, we create Customer Journey Map and CX map, which will serve you as a compressed guide.

We offer:

  • market segmentation and behavior modeling,
  • creating User Experience concepts based on the needs of users, trends and marketing forecasts,
  • building hypotheses about Buyers Journey and user goals.

Audit of marketing activities

The purpose of the audit is to determine what message for the target group are building current marketing materials, what brand image they create and how to use them in a more effective way to improve your relationship with the target group and achieve your business goals. As part of the service, we will evaluate the elements of visual identity, online and offline activities. We will also analyze the unused brand communication tools. Finally, we will indicate the directions of changes and new directions, the next steps necessary to change readability and reliability of brand communication.

We offer:

  • creating recommendations based on analyses carried out, modifications of activities, channels and offer in order to increase the effectiveness of marketing and sales activities.

Analysis of trends, market and marketing forecasts in relation to a specific project or product

The environment in which we live, strong competition or complexity of processes certainly makes it difficult for companies to be flexible and it is not easy for them to constantly adapt to the changing trends that the market dictates. Companies need to know more about their increasingly conscious and demanding consumers, changes in the world, global megatrends. The changes we have witnessed over the last decade will continue with even greater speed. In order to predict the evolution of trends and behaviors, brands should, therefore, adopt and apply the marketing forecast discipline in order to take advantage of future development opportunities and stand out on the market in the long-term perspective.

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