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We advise ambitious companies, in particular from the medical sector, in various aspects. We provide dynamic support, from intellectual property, through audits, to scientific analysis. We combine our services to support clients in the field of short-term goals and long-term vision.

Technology has significantly changed the way we conduct research and analysis. Pointing to the medical sector as an example: we are now in a new era of medicine in which breakthrough science transforms care into an innovative approach to treatment. For decades, pharmaceutical and medical companies have had to work in a traditional way and deal with everything on their own, from research and development to the launch of a new product.

Open Labotec provides laboratory infrastructure, research services, and substantive support especially in challenges related to product launches, testing or preparation for certification. We contribute not only by sharing operational knowledge but also by helping to build up strategies for challenging markets. Open Labotec help to avoid unproductive R&D, money-losing projects and different kinds of legal problems.

Innovator companies race to be the first with a new solution on the market and keep up with incredible industry progress. The world is continuously changing and the companies which want to continue to thrive, need to improve their research and development productivity, reduce costs and switch from selling solutions to managing outcomes, which takes a joint effort to accomplish.

We provide dynamic support, from intellectual property through scientific analysis, and access to specific data, qualified professionals. At our work, we are going beyond typical working methods so that we are improving the effectiveness of our work to the maximum. Our professional support reduces portfolio and project risk, and R&D costs. At the same time increases the innovation potential.

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We co-operate with business units holding inner R&D centers which treat innovative products as a source of their own competitive advantage.

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We have a comprehensive offer built on a foundation of in-depth expertise and extensive industry knowledge, all focused on providing the services that you need, when you need them, to help you grow and improve your business, constantly.
By working with us, you'll receive a tailored service to your business needs and delivered by a team of professionals seeking to work in your best interest- add value, help you make the right decisions faster and accelerate your growth.

Together we create smart ideas that deliver measurable results. We do everything that you would expect from a professional team and much more, whatever your structure or size. Our team made up of R&D specialists, lawyers, marketers, engage in regular professional training to ensure that their knowledge is up to date and that they are aware of emerging issues in the industry.

We will be with you every step of the way, making your life easier and offering great advice to help you achieve your vision. From global businesses to smaller start-ups, we work with brands to define the industries and provide better solutions for the clients.

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